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Claudia Keelan on Nathan Hauke's forthcoming INDIAN SUMMER RECYCLING

Looking forward to helping this book come into the world in late summer! Here are a few words about it from Claudia Keelan:

Nathan Hauke’s Indian Summer Recycling reminds us that the ethics of recycling inscribe also a loss of origin.  In the world of things—which includes people, and the language in which we describe those things— hierarchy vanishes. Animal, mineral, and ultimately refuse, things are themselves the evidence of their use and reuse.  Finally, everything is nature.  Though forever in the present tense, hope—or perhaps simply tenderness?—Hauke’s attention lives in the pivot between the desire to “Love what’s gone/Ahead into new noise and affection” and  the “layered reverberations of childhood hymns” (“Long gone lonesome”).  In their sway between blue’s refrains and the language of depiction, the poems in Indian Summer Recycling are beautifully true in their anguish.

Available for order: Phoebe Wayne's TRANSIT

Forthcoming: Nathan Hauke's Indian Summer Recycling