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New chapbooks by Maryrose Larkin & James Yeary

After some months of quiet summer, two new chapbooks! Available now: THE MONSTER'S TOPIC SENTENCE a chaotic murmur by Maryrose Larkin and S/ 2004 N1 by James Yeary. 

Maryrose Larkin lives in Tucson, AZ. She is the author of several books, including The Identification of Ghosts (Chax Press), The Book of Ocean (ie press) and The Name of this intersection is Frost (shearsman). Maryrose keeps her friends close and her muses closer. You can write her at

James Yeary writes poetry and other things in Portland, Oregon, where he helps keep up a bookshop, studies blood and its accessories. He is a former member of the collective-run reading series Spare Room and is the publisher of c_L books. He has taught collaborative writing and art making in the museum, the classroom, and on the street. 

To receive either or both books, just make a donation to the press.

Anyone who makes a donation gets copies of whatever I have on hand when the donation is received and is added to our mailing list for future books. If you want to make sure you receive a particular title or would prefer not to receive additional titles, just send me a note at saying so!


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