The Magnificent Field is an occasional vehicle for text practice and ritual.



jen tynes is responsible for keeping the space open.


25 small purple copies of our first chapbook, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE BUT I LOVE YOU by Jenn Marie Nunes, are available for trade or purchase. From the book notes: "Naked Witch is the name of a lipstick color by Necromancy Cosmetica. The line "Welcome to our humble gold home" originally appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit about Donald and Melania Trump." Jenn Marie Nunes is the author of AND/OR (2015), winner of the Switchback Books Queer Voices award. She is also the author of numerous chapbooks, including Juned (2016), winner of the YesYes Books 2015 Vinyl 45 Chapbook Contest and the collaborative HYMN: An Ovulation (Bloof Books, 2015). Her second full-length collection was selected as the winner of the 2016 National Poetry Review Press Book Prize and is forthcoming. Alongside teaching writing and editing TENDE RLOIN with her partner, JMN is currently pursuing a PhD in Chinese Language and Literature at the Ohio State University. We are a pay-what-you-will project; you can make an electronic cash payment of your choice here, or email The Magnificent Field to arrange a trade or payment by mail.